Monday, September 21, 2009

The art of baby holding

There are several schools of thought, but the little guy I held tonight was so chill and relaxed that I was in love!! I held a little girl on Sunday and she was all clinched up in her swaddling and not quite as cuddly, but equally cute and baby like! Both were a month old and both were a week or two early, and I can say that they both were teeeny but the little guy was easier to hold because he was a sprawler and not a little teeny football.

Are all boys that cuddly?

And, I started writing a book today. We'll see where that goes. Writing and I are like best buds when we're together, but we part ways so often...


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Jamie said... glad you're getting some baby time. :)
i have to say that i'm learning that all babies are quite different. :) i don't know if milo has ever been real "cuddly". he is an independent little spirit ~ but....when it IS cuddle time....there's just nothing like it. :)
he was never big on being swaddled ~ always wanted at least his arms out. :) definitely a sprawler. :)

oh, the fun you'll have figuring out YOUR little guy!!!! :)