Tuesday, September 8, 2009

how many different ways am I gong to have to say this?

God must have a different Baby in mind for us. M chose a family in Oregon to meet with. While I'm dissappointed...i know we're on the right road. Though I'm starting to think God needs us to wait for our number to come up. Photobucket


Jamie said...

ugh......it's so difficult to understand why we must wait SO long for our dream of parenthood to become a reality. it really doesn't seem like THAT much to ask for.....i'm sorry kel ~ i KNOW it will happen for your family.....it's just up to God to tell us when. thinking of you and sending peaceful thoughts your way.....hang in there.

slt said...

Bum-mer! I was praying a bunch this morning and throughout the day! I even had a student at lunch tell me that she is adopted from the Ukraine. My jaw dropped. She said she wanted to tell me because I had requested prayer for my friends who were waiting to adopt babies. She also mentioned that she wrote down the names of the 5 women I mentioned and that she is praying for them also. So...I said all of that to say this...there is a 6th grade girl, in Tallahassee, Florida lifting you up in prayer! Awesome! Still praying!

Kel said...

Thank you Jamie, I am at peace, thank you for those peaceful thoughts, I think they're working. Even though I'm totally disappointed, I'm not distraught and I think that's saying something. Love to you and yours!

Thank you, you made me cry! Thank her for me please, Our 5 year old neighbor prays for us to be parents soon, and I keep thinking "These are the prayers that are going to get us there." Thank you for praying for us, and for asking prayer over us, it seems like it's going to take a country's worth of prayer to get a child into my arms!

Love and thanks to all who pray!

Melba said...

bummer, I'm sorry to hear this! I wish this had been your time too...you have such a great attitude about all of this, but I know it's still hard.

Thinking of you,


Kel said...

Hey Melba! Bummer is right. That is even what I wanted to say to my caseworker today. I typed it into my phone and then erased it. It seems like it's just the right word!

I had a little sniffle on Jer when he got home...I seem to be ok til I see him and then the real feelings come out. But I heal quickly :P.

Hug Charlie for me! He's such a cutie pie!

RB said...

Sorry Kel... Unfortunately we have to go through some of these situations to get to the right one.

Anonymous said...

You know that I'm kind of a lapsed Presbyterian, and that my own personal "faith" is kind of an amalgam of Christianity and the idea of Karma and the Universe... too much to get into here. But one of the main things I always keep in mind is that God's plan for us is huge. And it's simply too large for us to be able to understand at a glance. So this setback is something that's intended, because there is more to come. A lesson to learn. Everything is as it should be, even if we don't get why right now.

The other thing I always tell myself is that God gives us what He knows we can handle. Sometimes I wish He didn't have so much faith in my abilities, but there it is.

Hang in there, breathe deep. Love you!

Kel said...

Hi Jenn! Love you too!

I agree that everything is part of the plan. You're a doll!