Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anyone feel like fasting with me?

This is a note I'm sending to the families at my church inviting them to do a "Fall Fast For Families". Any one else want to join in? :D

Dear Families,
I know that most, if not all of you know that Jeremiah and I are about 14 months into waiting for a child to be placed with us for adoption. Over the last 14 months it has become quite clear to me that God wants me to pray and spend time with Him. I have been making continued progress toward that goal. In my prayer life of praying for our family I have begun praying for our church families as well, and those of countless people I’ve met through the miracle of Adoption.
When the Missionary Paul, from Kenya was visiting our church I had the opportunity to have him over for dinner along with Clifford from Outlook as well. What began as tying up a loose end for Pastor turned into a very sweet evening of ministering to my heart and Jer’s as well.
Paul asked us why we’d been married so long and didn’t have any children; I believe his question was, “What are you waiting for?”  We then explained to him our position and what we were doing about it, and he said, “Oh you’re doing the right thing, do you have a Bible (handy)”. (I love having missionaries in my house, because they never leave a place without opening God’s word) He showed us a passage in Matthew where Jesus casts a demon out of a person and into a pig and says “Some things only come out by prayer and fasting.” Which in my mind means that some things need serious prayer and focus.
I was listening to Paul speak and a voice in my heart suggested I do what he said. So, what am I getting at? On September 18, (A Friday) I am going to be fasting from breakfast until Midnight. And I wanted to invite you to join me. At 5pm on Friday Steve and the youth are going to be serving Dinner to the Teens in Kirkland, and I am going to go help them. My question to you is this: Does anyone want to encourage me by joining me in this? I know that fasting is a little on the edge of most of our comfort areas, but…I feel lead by the Holy Spirit to do this on this particular day. To pray for my future family and for your families, that God will bless Jer and Me with a beautiful family of our own and for the prosperity and wisdom and guidance of your families.
This is not going to be a weekly or monthly event, in fact, it may never happen again. I felt the pull of the Spirit on my heart and I am going to follow through with it. If you’d rather not participate actively in the day’s events, would you please remember this date and pray for us? I would consider it a great blessing to have your prayers with us on that day. And I’d be even more grateful to those who jump in and do this with me.
Your friend and Sister in Christ,
Kelley Cathcart



RB said...

I'll do it. By it, I mean the fast and the prayer :)

Jamie said...

what a beautiful story kel :) always supporting you and praying with you....

Kel said...

Hey! Thanks and that's great RB! I'll be praying for you!! U feeling more fiesty?

Jamie, I always covet your prayers, they're good stuff! :D

Love to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you and sending good karma your way on the 18th. This is going to happen for you and Jeremiah. I know it is.

Kel said...

I believe it to Jen, I just have to remind myself sometimes!

Charnè said...

Thinkig of you both
South Africa

sarah m said...

what a neat story! i will pray & fast for you guys part of the day tomorrow (i have a dinner party that night so can't go completely.) believing great things are coming for y'all!

Kel said...

Thanks Sarah,

Hey Jenn, did I really just misspell too? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

LOL! You sure did. Lex would be very disappointed in you. ;-)