Sunday, September 20, 2009

I got a ticker! :D

Jer and I are trying to play our cards a little closer and not tell our families until the meeting...but I think Jer is going to tell his grandparents this week and I'll call my grandmas this week too. Why the change of heart? We got a congratulatory letter from the adoption agency! seems were're official enough to send a match letter to, so why not get really excited!

And I put up the baby ticker! I remember seeing Rebekah's ticker when it said 85 days and thought how long it that mine is ticking down, 81 days today! It seems like forever and not enough time all at once!



Kellie @ Life and Adoption! said...

YAY!! You are so close! only 11 weeks, wow! We still have 20 weeks to go. I bet it will fly by!

BP said...

Yay! I love your header, by the way.

Jamie said...

yay! :) i found that the time went quickly (for the most part).
we were matched in november so it was right around the holidays also. i think that helps a lot!! :)

the part that went the slowest for me was the last month/few weeks before his due date. those days seemed to crawl by! :)

so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! have a wonderful time telling the family!!!!!! they are going to be soooo happy for you!! :)

Dana/WiredDesign said...

80 days!!!! Baby will be here before you know it!

Melba said...

And now it's only 80 days...when you think about it, that's going to fly by in a heartbeat!

Your excitement is contagious!!


Kel said...

I know!!! 80 days!!! Talk about freaking me out!!! I have so much to do! There is a mountain of stuff in our back room that I want out! I want to accent baby's room with a blue wall, and I'm just soooo glad I have the week after next off!