Saturday, September 19, 2009


The insensitive award of the year goes to...."Car dealership financing lady" who said, "So when you're adopting and it doesn't work out, like, they change their mind or something? It doesn't feel as bad as if you lost a "real" baby right?"

Dude. I must have been in THE BEST MOOD EVER. Because I didn't cry, I didn't even make her feel stupid. And I think I made my husband proud of me.

I replied, "It was excruciating both times, I can't imagine being hurt more by a physical miscarriage. Adoption is not for the faint of heart, or sissies, it is a truly humbling and at times painful experience, and we're not even done yet."

And then she went on to talk about her poor sister in law who wants a "perfect baby" and their entire family hopes they get an ugly baby because SIL is so pretentious.

I must be high on Little Guy, because seriously, I was the most understanding and forgiving human on the planet today. I am amazed that I didn't tear up the contract for our new "family sized Fo.rd Ex,plor-er" and go to the competing che.vy dealer. But I just plan on writing a note to the owner of the dealership letting him know what an imbecile he has working for him. I don't really want to get her fired, I just want to let him know that there are some customer service training opportunities ripe for the picking.

GREAT DAY though. We now have a vehicle that will work with the infant seat and have room for the dog and all of our stuff when we go visit the fam in Oregon. AND, we got to go hang out with our friends and their cuddle bug Jonathan :D He was crabby, but did that stop me from holding and loving? Nope!



slt said...

That is unreal! People can be so rediculous!

Way to be positive and forgiving! I am so excited to watch as your journey unfolds...SO FUN!


Denver Jen said...

Wow! That's pretty over the top. Congratulations on the great response and handling yourself so well. It's so hard to be in those situations because you always feel blind sided. Congrats on the new car!

Kel said...

It was a very odd conversation. We got a seriously awesome deal, it turns out that it's a new 09, and we're getting it for less than we were paying for our smaller Escape. It was a real answer to prayer, after our most recent camping trip we realized that adding baby gear to the mix would put the dog off the trip, and that just isn't ok! You can't leave a good dog at home on a camping trip!

RB said...

Wow. That lady is rude. COngrats on the new wheels :)

Jamie said...

i have no didn't realize it was possible to be that insensitive and stupid. (sorry ~ i don't ususally use that word, but.....)
i'm so sorry you had to deal with that ~ that's just ugly. :(
however ~ i'm really glad you got such a great deal on the vehicle and that you were able to hang out with friends and a cuddle bug!! :)

i would definitely write a letter ~ no one should have to deal with such rudeness and flatout rude behavior! as handled it with the grace i only wish i had! :)

Kel said...

I don't think it was me, I really think that it was God, because I would have lost it completely and demanded someone else help us. Thank God for holding me back!

H said...

What an immature woman! First she makes comments about adoption, which she is obviously ignorant about...then she goes on to wish ugliness on her SIL's baby? That's just strange. I'm sure her boss will be mortified that he has such a lovely communicator working for him. But your testimony stayed strong...good job! God gives us the grace for the moment, that's for sure:)

Kellie @ Life and Adoption! said...

yay! We bought a new car too, and it was exciting cause it will be the baby-mobile! People are SO RUDE, I probably wouldn't have been as nice as you but ugh. That just drives me crazy!