Saturday, September 19, 2009


So as you know, I fasted yesterday and prayed for family and friends and of course for our own family. And we went to "Teen Feed" to serve a meal to the teenagers of the kirkland area.

Fasting was difficult for me this time around, I've done it a few times in the past without much trouble, but friday wasn't such a great day. And at 4:30 I had to eat something. And then last night, what I did eat...well let's just say it didn't agree with me. :D

But it did teach me a very important lesson. No matter what you fast, when or how long, it is acceptable. Your effort is not a failure when you have to eat. Because really, I don't think the teens would have felt very honored by me passing out into a tray of hot dogs.

The teens were very appreciative of the dinner, it was a light night due to some celebrity activity at a local high school football game in the area, something about Will Smith and a Helicopter. Any way the kids that were there all seemed to be in one form or another "cool", but by my estimation, people underestimate teenagers and their need for family. Why else would they let a 31 year old with no idea who they are, mother them for five seconds and then smile? (not that they would admit to it!

I think all told, my adventure was a success. Even if 4:30 isn't exactly midnight. :D


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Jamie said...

that's awesome kel! i wouldn't have even lasted that long ~ i would have a migraine and some serious crabbiness going on! :) great job!!!!!
i'm glad the teen night went well too! :)