Friday, September 18, 2009

I got some boy stuff at last night and then we went to a couple other baby stores and found some very cute baby boy things. We're trying to reign it in a little until we meet with H, but it was sort of impossible to walk past B.G. and Gymb. without stopping.

Wouldn't you know that the only day I choose to fast would be the day I WANT breakfast? :D must be psycological!

I keep having mini bursts of thankfulness, my prayers since wednesday have been "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!" So, today's prayers should be a good reminder of how to really pray. Not that Thank you isn't fully acceptable to the Lord, but I DO have other things to say, and other people to pray for.

Thanks to everyone for hanging in with me! Melba I hope you get to relax a little this weekend!



BB said...

You wanting breakfast is totally psychological! Too funny! But just seeing the BREAKFAST makes my stomach growl, and I am not even fasting!

I would try really hard not to buy baby clothes. It seems like you have a super support system like we did and we were OVERWHELMED with how many baby clothes we were given after bringing R home. I got really excited the other day because I was looking at R's 6-9 month clothes and it appeared as if I would need to go shopping! Turned out there was a whole other box, and once again we have more than enough... still. I don't think I will NEED to buy her anything until she is TWO! I would stick to buying the not-so-fun to purchase things... because nobody will buy those for you!!

Kellie @ Life and Adoption! said...

YAY for boys! I've obviously been buying like crazy, even bought more stuff today! Check your local goodwill and thrift stores, everything I got is literally brand new! And Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are awesome for baby stuff too. In fact, I saw an outfit I purchased for $7.99 at Ross, for $22 at JC Penney today. SO excited we are both having boys!

Kel said...

I think if it makes it feel real to you to buy clothes then buy them! I wanted to celebrate! But I know that BB is right. My whole church is going to just go nuts when they hear that we're expecting a boy in December! And we'll have more clothes than we know what to do with!

I'm so excited to be moms of sons together Kellie!

Jamie said...

i bought lots of clothes because i just couldn't help myself! :) it was the first time in 7 years that i finally got to buy things for MY baby!! :)i did this knowing that i had 3 nephews giving me lots and lots of wonderful hand me downs. oh well..... it was fun! but bb is right ~ no one will buy you the "items of true need" :) (at least not in my case).

i'm so excited for you!! you are going to be a wonderful wonderful mother. :) i just can't WAIT for december!!!!! i can't tell you enough how much i love my little boy ~ i know you will feel the same way ;)

Kel said...

I'm so so so so excited too!!

Melba said...

Excited doesn't even begin to cut it...I completely understand the need to buy and look at, and even smell little baby things. YOUR baby things, that is! But I do also agree with BB that you will be given A LOT more stuff than you probably think you will!

I have found some amazing deals at our local Salvation Army, Once Upon a Child, and other thrift stores. It's totally the way to go for little people clothes!!

Wow, so happy for you...