Sunday, September 6, 2009

Profile is being viewed today

I'm hopeful, but I won't know anything until Tuesday (Stupid Labor Day) so I'm trying not to be all freaked out for two more days :D.

This post is really for our friendRBBecause my heart is breaking for her and I pray when I feel like there's nothing else I can do.

Dear Lord Jesus,

You are our great healer, great comforter and great warrior. I pray that you will be all of these things for RB and her husband. Their broken and tired hearts ache with this loss. I pray you will bring them to a place where they can go on waiting. The long road to get to this point has been so difficult. Please Lord, help their family minister to them, help RB to accept the true heartfelt meaning behind the offerings of sympathy. Help the feelings of shame to leave her heart. Our families want to go through this with us, and I pray you can help influence their words and actions.

Oh Lord, wrap her in your comforting arms and renew her courage.

Be with all of us who wait to be tapped on the shoulder to mother a child who needs us. Help us fulfill our duty to our utmost abilities, carry us when we feel like we just can't take one more step. Help our prospective birthmothers choose from their heart.

Jesus your name is the definition of Love and in 1 Corinthians it is said that love is patient and kind, but it also says:

7(M) Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,(N) endures all things.

And because you are Love, with you we can truly bear, believe, hope and endure all that comes our way. Please hold on to us when we don't have the strength left to hold on to you. We've not fallen away, we've just fallen down.

Be the lifter of our heads, our hearts and our bodies. Give us courage and strength.

And help M. choose with her heart today Lord, guide her to the family you have already chosen.



Jamie said...

thinking of you and sending prayers up for you and all those waiting for their hearts to be filled with the blessing of motherhood....

RB said...

I'm praying that you'll be chosen with this latest profile viewing :) Thank you so much for your special prayer. It means the world to me.

Melba said...

you are in my thoughts today!

Kel said...

It is my honor to pray for you; Thank you for your prayers as well, how selfless to pray for me when your heart is so sad. Thank you again and again.

Jamie and Melba "Fingers crossed!" Love to you too!

Charnè said...

hugs! hope you get good news very soon!

Kel said...

Thank you!! South Africa! I should make you a prize, I've never gotten a comment from another country before! :D Good "luck" with your adoption too! Kel