Monday, October 5, 2009

Round Table #7

Where do you draw the lines--on your blog and in your personal life--and why? What, if anything, don't you tell?

In my personal life, it is more difficult to draw boundaries around who gets to know what. There are people I would love to tell some more "secret" things, but don't because they can't keep a secret and have proven themselves time and again to be untrustworthy regardless of the closeness of our relationship.

Jer and I try to keep most of the private information private. Names of birth mothers are represented by their first initial. If "H" doesn't mind being presented to the world as our birth mother by her first name and photo the way "Rebekah" has on Rebekah's blog then we will do that. Other wise, I feel that we should follow the guidelines set by my adoption agency which is first names only and contact by anonymous means like cell phones and an anonymous email address. Or only through the agency.

As far as identities and things on line, I am going to share myself, and the people I know don't mind, like my husband and my pets. Anyone else I include on my blog is either publicly available on the web anyway, or has given permission to be posted on my blog.

Technically any picture taken in a public place can be posted in public. Because by leaving your home you give up your right to privacy. HOWEVER, when I take pictures of people in public, especially strangers, I try not to post pictures of children's faces. I have a couple pictures of children at a park that I'm going to post, but they are not identifiable by their facial features in the photo.

I try to post as I would want to be posted. Only nice photos and kind words and of course keeping in mind that regardless of legality, some people may not wish to be blogged about and I am fully willing to comply with their desires.


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