Friday, October 9, 2009

Scene from a Starbucks

No matter the location of the Starbucks, their layout and decor are familiar, and that is comforting. I sat in the comfortable chair and surveyed the crowd, Becky hadn't yet arrived and there was Jer standing in line to get my drip and oatmeal and his grande Americano. The expression on his face was a mirror of my own anxious excitement. He rejoined me and then we re-arranged the furniture to make room for our expected guests.

Becky came in, she reminded us of how these things usually go. An introduction, tell a little, ask a little, see where the conversation goes. Enter Ashley, H's counselor. She's perky and fun, I like her immediately. We all chat for a few minutes when a young woman approaches and says hi to Ashley. She turned and I saw her it was like one of those moments where the world slows down so I can write it all down in my mind. "Sorry I'm late" she says. Late? I hadn't noticed, in a split second I recalled noting every second past the time we were supposed to meet with K. Already my perspective was different. Jer confirmed my thought aloud saying, "I didn't think you were late." H. checks her phone, "Two minutes."

"I like this girl" I thought as I smiled and offered my hand, "You're H." I stated with a bigger smile. "Hi!" she answered and then shook Jer's hand too. I cursed the table we'd moved to make a "grouping" but perhaps a hug would have been too much. But perhaps my bumping into it and then frowning at it wasn't lost on her, because she smiled at me again.

Becky asked us to share how we met, and I began to tell the tale that I've told so many times before, at the end of it, I realized it was 12 years ago to the week that Jer and I had met. We both noted that aloud and it was kind of a nice little moment. We were surprised that it had sneaked up on us like that.

We asked H a few questions that lead to some good conversation about family, pets, school and things like that. She seemed to have a little smile going the whole time. She then went on to say that she was having a boy and then said she thought the moments after a baby is born are special and she had a special thing she does, (And my mind jumped to thinking "She doesn't want me there. She's going to tell us we won't be at the hospital until later.") I almost missed her saying, "I'd like to invite you to be there." I must have done a "BLINK BLINK" *blonde look* "Blink" and then said "YES!" I kicked myself for thinking before I listened. She's like "You're sure" I reply that she's made "my lifetime" and I felt my eyes well up and nearly spill over, just like the did at my wedding, but I pulled it together and they subsided. We continued our conversation until H. had to go, I shook her hand again, wishing I could hug her...but a good hand squeeze was all I could really do without shoving my husband over and making a scene. I wonder how many special meetings Starbucks sees.

All I can do is praise my Lord for guiding us all this far, and that He will continue to guide our steps over the next 62 days.

I really do like H. very much and I hope to get to know her a little more before the big day.



slt said...

Beautiful story! You had me boo-hooing! Well done! Praying still!

Denver Jen said...

I'm so glad that you're meeting went so well and you instantly connected. We had our second meeting at a Starbucks and I was wondering what the tables around us must be thinking.

It sounds like you made a great connection.I'm so happy for you all!

RB said...

Sounds like a great meeting!

Jennifer Christensen said...

What a great story! I can feel your happiness come right through the screen. It's really great that you'll be able to be there with her the day your baby boy arrives. So sweet :)

Dana/WiredDesign said...

WONDERFUL! So glad to hear it went well!!!! She sounds fabulous...

Jamie said...

this just brings tears to my eyes. so so happy that you've found your baby. :)what a very special thing "H" has invited you to share with her. :)

H said...

VERY HELPFUL!!! We are supposed to meet our birthmom this week, and I am already wracking my brain trying to figure out what in the world to say! I'm glad you felt so good about the way things went with her...that's what I'm hoping for, too!:) Too bad we are meeting at the agency...Starbucks sounds better to me:)

Melba said... sounds like things went very well! I'm so happy for you, and I think it's great news that you will get to be there when baby boy makes his grand entrance!!