Thursday, December 17, 2009

The little man is Two weeks old!

I never knew a fortnight could go by so quickly. Wimbledon always seems so long... :D

We tried to change formula to one that was a little thinner, with less iron (by .3mg/100cal) but that backfired, the kid likes what he likes! So we're just hoping it was coincidental that he had a hard time the other day. Probably shouldn't make determinations on such a limited amount of data. The stats get skewed!



Jewls said...

Oh boy that is one cute baby! By the time our little guy gets here you'll be an expert and I'll be coming to you for advice! :)

slt said...

Your son is a doll! Absolutely handsome! And you look great!

Denver Jen said...

He is sooo cute! I love the cat supervising in the background of the photo.

Nora had such a hard time with formula for the first month and is so much better now. Our doctor recommended Mylicon drops. I'm not sure if you tried that but it helped a little. She used to be in such distress every time she ate but is soooo much better now. Now she can burp like a sailor:).

Jamie said...

sooo sweet kel :) i'm just so happy for you. :)
milo did perfect on regular formula until about 6 weeks, then he developed severe colic. we ended up changing his formula to the liquid gold kind (haha!) and he was on that until around 7 months. he's now on a senstive formula and is doing great! they can change overnight and it's so hard to know how to help them. glad you're figuring things out ~ there will continue to be surprises and right when you think you've got something figured out ~ he'll change! :)
happy happy holidays!!!

Melba said...

Wow, two weeks have already flown by so fast! He's changing already from his newborn pictures...what an absolute sweetheart!!

Love all the new pictures!