Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post: 200 and Great News to share!

H, J.C.'s Birthmom became certain of who his father was when the pregnancy was redated, and our efforts to locate him for notification and possible TPR, was hindered by the fact that he is in the military and stationed overseas. We prayed and prayed and prayed, both for his safety and for his communication with us.

Becky had left him her phone number in a message on his social networking site, and it took a month or so, but he called! He called and apologized for being out of range and not calling sooner. Even though he is hesitant to say that the baby is his, he would sign termination papers anyway. The lawyer for Bethany sent them in an email, and two hours later, they were signed and in his hands. He is terminating today. This means we can look at March or April for our finalization, and the fact that J. is really going to be ours forever has begun to hit us. We cried together when we heard that he'd contacted Becky, and this morning, we're just so relieved and thankful that our dream of a child filled family is going to be a permanent thing.

So, with that, I'd like to say: Happy New Year to you all!! And thank you for your prayers!



TXMom2B said...

What a relief! Congrats again!

Melba said...

Wow, great news to be sure, congratulations!

Happy New Year to you too, and a belated Merry Christmas!!



Jamie said...

wonderful news! :) here's to a new year full of the blessings of a child's love. :)

Jewls said...

Yay yay yay!!! That's excellent news to start off the new year, congratulations!!

kalibug said...

Wow, what a relief!! Congrats, and a very Happy New Year!!

Bee Girl said...

"Even though he is hesitant to say that the baby is his, he would sign termination papers anyway."

Is that even legal? Shouldn't you have to prove that the baby is his? Or don't you care?

Kel said...

It is legal in this state to term without proof. There are other steps to take, but they have been taken.

And I do care. He has my unconditional regard.

Kel said...

By the way Bee Girl, I believe you could ask him that same question, does HE care?