Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Post Placement Visit

Last Friday Becky came by for our first post placement visit. I don't know why an official visit feels different than when I drop by to say hi. I know there are no fears of J.C. leaving us. I suppose it is left-over angst.

Becky had a state form she filled out as she asked us the questions on it. I showed her pictures of the holidays with the family and how happy everyone was to welcome the little man into our family. It was really very low key. And I'm always happy to see Becky! But the formality of the situation must be respected, at least in my mind, so that is probably where the nerves kick in, that and I forgot to dust my mantle! :D

Our next visit is in February and I think our state only requires two visits, maybe a third, Becky left a packet that should tell me, but essentially the next step is contacting a lawyer and getting a hearing on the books and having a party set up!

Becky did ask us if we would adopt again, and I do think it is in our future, I'm kind of a "one thing at a time" kind of woman, I like to get the current situation fully under control before I look to the next thing. But J. will have sibling(s). That is what I know.

Tomorrow we have our official "Church Shower" thrown by our women's committee "Titus II". I'm really looking forward to it, so many of these women prayed for us on a daily basis and really kept us in their hearts during our waiting time. It will be really special to have some time to thank them individually. It seems like there is never enough time before or after church.



BB said...

I kinda oddly miss our post placement visits... i can't quite pinpoint why other than someone being paid to listen to me talk about my girl!

We never had a shower after R came... I wish we would have. Have FUN!

Melba said...

I second what BB said. There is a wonderful peace and assurance that comes with being DONE with the process, but at the same time...always knowing what came next was (in hindsight) oddly reassuring.

Have fun at the shower, that's awesome!


Jewls said...

How exciting! I can't wait for post placement visits...all of our pre-placement visits are cool but it's so nerve wracking, I'm always scared I'll say something wrong and she'll change her mind about placing baby Z with us!

Jewls said...

I have an award for you over at my place :)

Maru said...

We had 3 post placement visits. They felt a bit like going through the home study visits all over again, but I must admit - I kinda miss them... ;o)

Enjoy your shower! :o)

Jamie said...

we only had 1 post placement visit which was nice, but like bb said ~ it was so much fun having the evening all about milo! :)
glad all is going so well!! :)