Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Diaper Bag

Any one who knows me well, knows that I could care less about designer labels. I like things that FIT, WORK, and DON'T Break.

I scoffed at the pictures of stars carrying around a 168.00 diaper bag. I said, "Oh please, why would anyone spend that kind of money on a bag to carry diapers in. Then a friend of mine at bible study walked up the three flights of stairs with the infant seat and her hand on the rail, and her bag firmly on her back and not sliding off and causing a minor catastrophe. Now, I know many people who carry purses and big bags around like it's no big deal, with ease and grace the thing just floats on as though an angel is holding it on the shoulder with no cares in the world. I am NOT one of those women. My purses slip off,I have to hold them on or uncomfortably hitch my shoulder and add an infant seat? PUH LEEZ can we say wreck waiting to happen? And then Petunia Pickle Bottom Entered my life. Thank you Petunia for your versatile bag configuration, not to mention the built in changing station that makes any old counter a comfy place to change my little monkey!

Seriously, it hold's J's stuff AND mine in an organized and non "whinnie the pooh" fashion.



Denver Jen said...

I love it! That's super cute and I completely hear ya on how hard it is to balance everything that is necessary to schlep around your little bundle.

Melba said...

Beautiful bag, glad you like it and it works. There are some things to which you really can apply the "you get what you pay for" adage and it sounds like this is one of them!


Jamie said...

i always thought i'd have a beautiful diaper bag...since i LOVE purses, having a really cool diaper bag was something i was excited about! turns out i have used the similac bag that was sent to us for most of milo's life and now i'm using another black diaper bag that i just got at walmart for $9!! :) go figure!! i'm glad SOMEONE is getting to use a nice one! haha! :)

slt said...

First...LOVE your new picture! Love it! Second...I am so going to check out that bag! I am another one that can't seem to keep my purse on my shoulder! Thanks for the post!

Maru said...

Love your bag!

I haven't used a purse since motherhood. Now it's not bags - it's diaper bags! I have two!

One is a system bag from JJ Cole. Love it, very modern lines, and hubs doesn't mind wearing it himself. It has a changing station too!

My mom bought me another one, a Coach knockoff (gasp!). I love it because it's very fashionable and girly. Plus, it also has a changing station. ;o)

Tom/Lorraine said...

Thanks for the FYI! Totally with you on getting a bag that is practical. I'll be on the lookout for one when our time comes! :o)

Kelli said...

Love it!