Friday, April 30, 2010

Jack's BIG Weekend

This weekend was also known as "The Weekend Where Jack Earned the Right to be as Fussy as he Wants for the Foreseeable Future"
He really is a little champ.  Jack listened intently and seriously as his Mom and Dad were sworn in and promised to be good parents and care for him in every way.  He smiled when the lawyer made sure we understood that adoption is permanent and irrevocable.  You can not un-adopt.

He even agreed with Mommy that the King County Courthouse is really cool in it's Art Deco interiors.

We were joined at the Court House by My parents Larry and Leslie; Our Social Worker/Friend Becky; and Eric one of Jack's four God Parents. 

Then we had a PARTY!!! Baseball was our theme complete with home-run centerpieces.   Jack loves his uncle Jared and pats his beard as though it is a pet.  He let everyone hold him.  He slept in people's arms.  He was a trooper.  And then we even went bowling later and he slept through it. 
Jer's family made the trip up from Portland, as did my brother Jared and his fiancée Wanda; and my youngest brother Brian and his friend Jim.
We were so happy to be putting a period to the end of the legal process!

Sunday we had him Dedicated to the Lord.  Our dear friends Christine and Chris and Cheryl and Eric are Jack's God Parents. 

It was awesome to present our son to the congregation that had prayed this journey through with us.

Next week I am the main speaker at the Mother's Day Brunch, the theme is "Connecting in Love" and I think I may have a few words to say about that!



Denver Jen said...

Yeah! I love all the photos. Congratulations to all of you! It sounds like you had a beautiful day filled with love and support.

Jewls said...

CONGRATS! You guys look so happy in these pictures! I can't wait for our finalization this fall...but I'm going to soak up every minute until then!

Maru said...

Congratulations!!! What an eventful weekend! Looooved the pictures. :o)

Jamie said...

congratulations!!! looks like a beautiful day for an escpecially beautiful family. :) i wish we would've had this experience but we finalized in oregon and didn't need to be there. :(
sooo happy for your little family! :)

Melba said...

What a beautiful day, I'm so happy for your little family!