Monday, November 3, 2008

A bad week gets even worse.

I had a string of non-adoption related arguments with my family, which have resolved themselves, but have left me fairly wiped out. Today we got an email saying that someone who'd been favoring us as adoptive parents had to pull out due to the birthfather not agreeing with adoption. And we got a letter from Shaohanna's Hope declining our grant proposal. If they were going to base their decision on income, they need to state in their guidelines that certain income levels are shouldn't bother to send in an application.

Prayer focus:

Birth father cooperation, my attitude, and Kristen in Denver who is not the person mentioned in the above mentioned post.


consolidatingcricket said...

I hope you don't mind but I was poking around your blog, like I hope you do with mine and wanted to ask...

What do you mean by "birth father cooperation?"

Kel said...

Birth Father Cooperation, I believe that this reference was to a young man who was behaving in a manner that wasn't appropriate, disagreeing with the adoption plan for no other purpose than to make the birthmom's life difficult. He didn't want to raise the child, but he was being uncooperative in signing papers.

In general Birth Father Cooperation would mean that he is willing to work with the woman he had relations with to reach a plan that is mutually beneficial to both birthparents and if applicable to the adoptive parents as well. Cooperation, trust, and respect are key to a successful open adoption.

Remember, some of these pregnancies are not the result of caring relationships, but often the one night fling, and sometimes they don't know one another very well at all.

I don't mind you "poking around" :D.