Friday, May 29, 2009

Encouraging email comes from unexpected places...

A few weeks ago my uncle emailed me sort of out of the blue, we see eachother when we go to Oregon, but he's sort of shy and he's been single forever, so sometimes I think I might be a bit of a mystery to him. We share a love for fishing, which he was the insipiration for, he took me when I was young and taught me how to bait a hook, tie a clinch knot and etc. I'm not sure who was more proud of me when I caught the only fish that was caught at our family reunion (when I was 10) my uncle or my dad; we could call it a tie.

All of my uncles have always been my biggest fans, seriously, I was their only niece. But I was interrested in the things they liked. K. liked to fish and golf and liked rock music and other sports. I can't stand Golf, but mostly because I feel backward when I try to do it. The others all liked various things and I would go sit around and watch them do what ever they were doing, usually quietly, though sometimes talking non-stop in a way that I still do.

So, I have a good relationship with these men, but my status of infertility isn't exactly the number one topic on our conversation repitoire. So to have him ask me a few weeks ago about my position on abortion, I was sort of surprised, but answered that I am against abortion for terminating life that does not threaten the life of the woman carrying the child. I have a more detailed oppinion but, really, that is my stance. And he answered my email with this:

Yes , I agree with you on abortion, it's just so sad that
people have kids, and don't care for [them] , and people like you who have always loved kids, (even when you were little you loved babies) can't have them . It brings a tear to
my eye right now, I'm praying for you. I hope you get a baby soon. I know
you'll be a great Mom. Love K.

I was touched. And encouraged. Thanks Uncle K!


Jamie said...

isn't it nice to find out we have people thinking about us and praying for us and we did't even know it! :) what a thoughtful uncle you have ~ so glad it brought you some encouragement. :)

Vancouver, Canada said...

You have such a lovely blog sweetie..touches my heart..truly wish you the best of luck and will say a prayer for your wish to come true hun.

I was wondering if you have heard of Dr. Nayna H. Patel and her clinic, its very is the link hun

many couples have gone there and had's just a thought hun..please dont take it hope it helps..let me know dear.

They are surrogate mothers who carry the baby and are already married with kids and have great health, but unfortunately are very poor so it really makes a difference in their life too. They are under great medical care while pregnant.

Google it and see if it's something you would consider. They were on Oprah too not long back.

Much Love & Hugs to You hun

Sandy xx

Melba said...

It is sweet when you get these unexpected messages, and reminders that other people who love you and waiting and hoping, and praying too.

More than anything, I saw that with my family when Charlie was born. It was like all of a sudden they felt free enough to show me how long they had waited too, and how they had been feeling. I think before, they kept things from me (probably from a desire to not cause me more pain,) and I also think I was too caught up in my own feelings about our situation to consider theirs. Funny the things you can see in retrospect of a situation.

I pray that your time comes soon!!