Monday, May 25, 2009

What we did this weekend...

My mom and dad both helped, Mom lettered in pencil...
My dad leveled everything out...he's so handy! He put up my new mantle too!

I painted in most of the letters.

What do we think? Besides the fact that we need 1. more artwork in the room, and 2. a baby to go in the crib.

(and the cat finally has discovered that the crib is comfy! And "Get out of my room if you don't mind!"MEOW!)


Melba said...

Beautiful crib...I can't wait to see YOUR sweet little bundle sleeping in there. I know your time is coming!



Kel said...

I surely hope so! Sometimes I feel reaaaaaaaly silly having the room so obviously purposed for a child we don't have! It's usually when new people come over to the house!

Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship. Smooch Charlie for me!

Jamie said...

i love it kel! :) it's beautiful and do NOT feel silly!! as soon as we started our adoption, I began on the nursury. it was something i had wanted to do for SOOO long and finally i felt that having a baby was really going to happen ~ even if i didn't know exactly when. it sat empty for a while, but sometimes i would go in there and sit and it actually felt good. :) i love that quote! great job! :)

Kel said...

Thanks Jamie! I'll try not to feel silly! I love that book and I give it to every one at baby showers. A friend of mine ended up reading it aloud at her shower and we were all crying our eyes out!

Your kind encouragement is a blessing to me! Give Milo a squeeze for me!

Rebekah said...

I finally made my way over to your end of blog world! :) I love the room and you'll be so glad you have it ready. And don't feel silly. I started my baby's room in May '08, took 6 months to finish it and we didn't get matched until January '09!

It soon became my favorite place. I would sit in the rocker and pray...and dream...and cry. It became my little sanctuary. Even though we've had 5 months of waiting during Rebekah's pregnancy, I'm SO glad the room was done. It allowed me to concentrate on other things.

Don't feel silly! You ARE an expecting mom.