Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I hate it when I have to be the one who says "This isn't right".

Heavenly Father,
You are the one I put my faith in. I pray you will help me discern what is right in all situations. I know that you are my foundation, I know that because of you I will not be shaken, I will not be torn apart. You will hold me together, you will help me know when the time is right.
Thank you for allowing me to be obedient in this situation.


Jamie said...

oh kel ~ these situations are so very difficult. we just have to be honest with ourselves and follow our's still not easy and I'm sorry for your pain.

Melba said...

I hope you are okay!

Kel said...

You two are quick! Within a minute of eachother, I feel so cared for!

SW emailed a new situation and it just wasn'tsomething we were comfortable with. When ever we say no, it's like we're choosing our hurt. But we may be saving ourselves from something worse...or missing out on something awesome. I just pray and hope that the right thing will happen.

I am just fine, but at the same time, a little sad. Thank you so much for your friendship, it means a lot!.

Jamie said...

of course it's hard to say no ~ these opportunities are what we LIVE for right now. :) But.....we had to do the same thing a few times and as difficult as it was, we knew it was the right decision for us. Your heart will guide you Kel.......your baby WILL find you and it will feel more "right" than you could ever imagine. :)

Kel said...

I'm SO GLAD to know that other people say no too! I always wonder how selfish I'm being, I'm so insecure about not following the right lead...not trusting at the right time etc. I do know however, that if God intends a baby for me, there will be nothing that can stop it, not even me saying no. Thank you for your experience with this situation! It has relieved my heart more than you know!

Melba said...

Hey Kel,

I just got back over here to see what your reply was, and I do understand where you're coming from.

While we were waiting, there was one situation that we did choose to be shown for, but once I found out we weren't chosen, I felt immensely relieved. At the time, I felt horribly guilty about that...but since then I have learned that situation turned into a failed match. :(

To me, the bottom line is that you MUST listen to your gut...and your heart on these matters. If you don't feel a situation is right for you then there is some reason that it's not, and you have to listen to that.

This whole process is just so hard, and it really makes you get in touch with your deep inner feelings, beliefs, and truths. Scary!

I hope and pray your right situation is coming soon!!



Kel said...

Thanks Melba! I did pray and think about the whole thing and talked to Jer about it before we sent a yes or no, and I really do think we made the correct decision, we did send a "Counter offer" (if you will forgive the home sale analogy) but it seems that this just isn't the right situation for us, I hope the right one is around the corner. It would be wonderful to hold a little one and know that he/she is mine.