Monday, August 31, 2009

The wonderful thing about Tigger's

Ok, so I'm kind of an Eeyore with a Tigger tail, but it sounded good for a post title!

I sincerely have to thank you for being kind to me when I'm in the "dumps". The toughest thing about blogging for me is trying to come across the way I really feel. Which is difficult. I'm really OK. I just get contemplative and my writing can be gloomy.

I really do bounce back, and I should say that more often, otherwise you'll all think I'm always mopey and sad, and who wants to give a baby to the lady who cries all the time!?

It was a very beautiful pre fall day here yesterday, chief and I went to Jer's softball practice and sat in the sun, it was great! I'm going to lunch with my friend Christine at the big M...which should be fun! I always like to people watch there, it's sort of like a college student Union or Cafeteria.

I'll try to sneak a photo or two to share!


Jamie said...

you certainly never seem mopey to me.....even when your heart's feeling heavy, there's always a little silver lining in your voice....and when there isn't ~ it's OK!! :) you don't have to apologize for how you're feeling ~ this journey is difficult and we ALL know that.....that's why we're here for you. :)no more :)

Kel said...

Deal! :D

Melba said...

I understand this feeling too, but don't don't sound all doom and gloom or weepy!

The reality is that this is just HARD. No matter who you are or how you process things, this wait is hard. It's OK for you to feel badly sometimes, I agree with Jamie that you don't have to apologize for your feelings!!